Which Workouts Burn the Most Calories?

What type of workout should you choose to burn maximum calories in a short time? Let’s analyze several types of loads and determine which is the most effective.

What Determines the Burning of Calories?

Calorie burn per workout depends on a combination of individual factors. The number of calories shown to you by a fitness tracker, simulator or app is just a guideline. The rate of weight loss is influenced by:

  • Load intensity;
  • The duration of the workout;
  • Age;
  • Height and weight;
  • Metabolic rate;
  • Nutrition;
  • Rest during training;
  • Various diseases and much more.

Remember that the longer the intense activity, the greater the chance to burn the maximum number of calories. Personalized calculator for calorie consumption under different loads. Also, do not forget to control your diet. Eating the right food before, during, and after exercise will increase your exercise performance.

Consider below effective ways to lose weight and compare which workouts allow you to burn more calories.


Pilates is not about losing weight quickly. Everything in him, like his movements, must be slow and gradual. So, with a weight of 50 kg, 30 minutes of Pilates practice helps to get rid of 100 kcal. At the same time, it is important to adjust your diet: give up foods that can harm your figure, include healthy and wholesome food in your diet.


Running is one of the best ways to lose weight. The number of calories burned depends on many factors: running speed, distance, fitness level, running duration, and much more. For example, if you run 30 minutes at a speed of 8-10 km / h without stopping, subtract 200 kcal.

Jogging on the spot is also effective at burning those extra pounds. The amount of energy expended during exercise depends on the person’s weight and the duration of the exercise. On average, a person weighing 50 kg in 30 minutes of running on the spot will lose about 200 kcal.


Skiing is considered a very energy-consuming sport. Therefore, due to the intensity of movement, skiing burns a large number of calories.

One hour of skiing burns 9 kcal per kilogram of weight. That is, if your weight is 50 kg, in 30 minutes, you will lose about 135 kcal. Of course, these are approximate data because the speed of the skier is also important. The faster you go, the more weight goes away.

A gentler ski training option is walking. However, the rate of calorie burning decreases in direct proportion. Recall that the style of skiing also affects the result. With skating, more calories are spent than with the classic one.


This is a complex of multifunctional exercises aimed at developing strength and endurance. CrossFit develops all basic physical qualities, builds character, shapes the figure, and also does not spare calories as much as possible.


A 30-minute kickboxing workout burns up to 250 calories. Exercise results depend on intensity, time and individual parameters. At the same time, kickboxing strengthens all muscle groups, relieves stress and aggression.


Perhaps the most enjoyable way to lose weight is with the fiery Latin American Zumba. In 30 minutes of rotations of the stomach and hips to rhythmic music, about 200 kcal will disappear. However, it all depends on body weight. The more it is, the more calories you can burn.

Interval training is another attractive feature of Zumba. High and moderate loads alternate with each other. This burns more calories than moderate physical activity.


The butterfly is one of the most energetic swimming styles. However, due to its complexity, the butterfly is inferior in popularity to the breaststroke and crawl. Since this type of swimming requires high physical fitness.

An hour’s low-intensity butterfly workout can burn up to 700 calories. And with an increased load, up to 1000 kcal can be removed at the same time.


Rowing is an effective whole-body workout. Even with a slow pace of exercise, the body is able to burn at least 200 kcal. With an increase in the pace and time of training, the result can increase up to 800 kcal per hour. You can practice rowing both outdoors and in the gym.


The most effective and affordable weight loss workouts are rowing and CrossFit. For an hour of training at maximum intensity, you can burn up to 800-900 kcal per hour. Even with a small or medium load during rowing or CrossFit, it is possible to effectively and quickly lose extra pounds without harm to the body.

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