Jobs are High in Demand in The UK

What Jobs Are High in Demand In The UK After COVID-19 Pandemics?

Jobs Are High in Demand In The UK

The economy of the UK has been changed beyond recognition in many sectors because of COVID-19. Once highly demanding jobs have seen high rates of redundancies, such as airline pilots and hospitality managers. It is quite obvious that with any crisis, numerous opportunities exist. Every crisis creates opportunities for people to learn and get the best jobs with high rates of salaries. COVID-19 has brought many changes in the labour market and enforces companies to implement new technologies to faster the production systems while protecting the employees’ health. Moreover, the UK provide the most highly paid jobs as compared to any other country.

The Labour Market in the UK

Unemployment in the UK does not exceed 5% during the year. The number of employed citizens is 32.5 million, and the number of unemployed is about 1.6 million. Compared to the previous year, the share of hired workers has decreased by 241 thousand people.

At the national level, the UK minimum wage is revised annually as of 1 April. The rate depends on the age of the employee. For example, those over 23 earn a minimum of £ 8.91 an hour in 2021 and £ 4.62 under 18. In addition, trainees can be paid £ 4.30.

With bonuses included, the average UK salary is £ 572 per week and £ 2,480 per month, according to the National Statistics Office. The highest incomes were recorded in London, Bristol and Cambridge, and the lowest in Wigan and Mansfield. On average, men earn 17% more than women. Here are some most popular jobs in the UK;

Medical Technologists

Medical technologists’ responsibility is to maintain and operate medical equipment used to perform sophisticated scientific tests of blood and other body fluids. The job requires a degree in medical engineering or a clinical laboratory—a deep understanding of biology and chemistry and proven experience with a variety of medical instruments and equipment.

Data Scientists

Every day, organizations and companies collect more and more information. This is why bringing in data science experts is more important than ever. Data scientists collect, cleanse, and structure data to help organizations make informed decisions.

Information Security Analysts

Information security analysts are working to protect information infrastructure from cyber-attacks. Security analysts are important to protect user data and confidential company information.

Data Analyst

Data is king in today’s business world. This is why more and more professionals are focusing on data. Data analysts ensure data consistency and find the best ways to use it.

Operations Research Analyst

Operations analysts advise executives and other stakeholders in decision making using high-level theoretical methods and advanced mathematics to help them choose the right course of action. This job requires analytical skills, problem-solving skills, math skills, and critical thinking.

Corporate Lawyer

There are several career opportunities for legal professionals in the UK, especially in corporate law.

Sales Managers

All industries require people to sell their products and services. As a result, there are currently many sales manager positions open in the UK.


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