The world is heading for the destruction of online privacy.

Online Privacy : Apple’s decision to scan its users’ iPhones and iPads for child abuse material may indeed allow early detection of crimes, but it may also be a starting point for the destruction of privacy.

Apple has provided a series of questions and answers on this topic, where it has indicated that it will not be the photos themselves that will be scanned, but special hash functions of suspicious images. And in case of coincidence with the files of child abuse in the database, a specific photo will be sent to law enforcement agencies for study.

The fact is that the more we want security on the Internet, the more rights and freedoms for this need to be limited. If we want to fight the problem of child abuse, then we will be able to detect crimes in the early stages only after providing law enforcement agencies with access to a specific device. Because without access, a person can only be identified after the fact. Online Privacy

At the same time, according to the expert, one cannot ignore the opinion that such a measure is only a pretext for establishing control over devices in the future.

There is the principle of the Everton window, when society is gradually accustomed to one or another behavior through small changes. In this case, the next step may be a situation where privacy disappears altogether. The current step by Apple cannot be called too invasive for public opinion, but it can become a starting point for the implementation of not so much a policeman as a police oversight with a further restriction of Online privacy.

The restriction of rights and freedoms is advisable only if both individuals and society as a whole have confidence in those who restrict these rights and freedoms.

“In this case, with Apple, there is no absolute trust either in the authorities or in the company itself. And theories that arise on this basis should be taken as warnings about what may actually happen in the future. After all, if we abstract from the fact that we are talking about Apple, then we must admit that this is a sound, logical and working approach to solving the problem of child abuse. But if you do not do this and admit that in addition to Apple, there are also authorities in different countries that do not always use their intentions for the good, then it is extremely difficult to give an unambiguous assessment of such actions. At the same time, one cannot but admit that the world is gradually moving towards the destruction of the concept of privacy.

Earlier, Apple officially confirmed that photos and messages of iPhone and iPad owners will begin to scan in search of material with child abuse.

Dangerous pictures will be able to transfer to law enforcement agencies. The new algorithm will start working in the fall. So far, however, only in the United States, but experts believe that in the future they may cover not only other countries, but also expand the list of forbidden topics and photos.

On the web, this has already been called the approach of the era of digital dictatorship. Indeed, in fact, the “apple” giant will begin to massively violate the privacy of users under the pretext of searching for illegal photos.

Earlier, the publication Wired announced the creation of a program that allows you to hack any Apple smartphone.

Apple also started developing its own search engine, which will replace the service from Google.

In addition, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People’s Republic of China, together with the telecommunications group Huawei, state-owned enterprises China Unicom and China Telecom, have proposed to the UN to revise the algorithm of the Internet.

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