Super Bowl
Super Bowl

The Super Bowl: the biggest sporting event in the USA in numbers.

The Super Bowl is none other than the final of the National Championship of American Football. Since the mid-1960s, today it has become the biggest sporting event for several million Americans if this sporting fervor may seem excessive, as soon as we take a quick look at the statistics related to the event. Welcome to the heart of the Super Bowl. You are going through this article to discover why this show is so important and famous.

Tourist influx: 1,000,000 people expected

Every year, the Super Bowl takes place in one of the major cities of the United States. The choice of this city is made in advance by a special committee set up for this purpose. In terms of tourist influx from other US cities (other than the one that hosts the Super Bowl) or other countries globally, it is estimated that as of a million people are expected each year in the city hosting the Super Bowl.

Therefore, a massive tourist influx represents a significant economic interest in travel agencies, hotels, restaurants, bars, transport companies, etc.

The economic benefits of the organization

Each city wishing to host the Super Bowl must have a stadium with at least 50,000 seats (some of the stadiums that have already hosted the Super Bowl even had up to 70,000 seats). This stadium must be covered and have a car park with at least 30,000 places.

The price of a Super Bowl ticket can cost up to $ 5,000 on average. And besides, during the very last Super Bowl, tickets cost as much as $ 5,700. A flourishing market that an underground sector quickly emerged: that of the resale of Super Bowl tickets. And in this market, the price of tickets can easily reach $ 25,000 or more.

And in the world?

The Super Bowl is not just a national cultural event per our all Americans, and it is also an event on a global scale. Indeed, the Super Bowl game is broadcast and broadcast around the world. It has been estimated that as many as 180 countries choose to broadcast the Super Bowl. The direct consequence is that comments can be made in other languages. To this day, the Game  is broadcast in 24 languages ​​other than English each year.

The impact on consumption

Except those who will travel to the stadium to follow the Game , millions of Americans will be at home, or in an eating establishment to watch the anyway epic final. The number of American viewers is estimated at just over 115 million.

Lasts between 3 and 4 hours, and during that time, you have to eat. While watching the game, these 115 million Americans will consume exactly:

  • 1,250,000,000 chicken wings;
  • 51,700,000 packs of beer cans;
  • 8,000,000 kilograms of guacamole;
  • and 14,500 tonnes of crisps and sweets.

The impact on GDP

The Super Bowls is experienced as a true celebration. Victim of the consequences of overeating the day before, 1 in 10 Americans will not be able to go to work the next day and will stay quietly at home. This still represents a shortfall for the state. 

Revenue for the accredited channel

Thanks to 115 million viewers, the TV channel responsible for broadcasting the match will garner advertising revenue of several million dollars in a single evening. While the prices of commercials have been rising steadily over time, a commercial aired during the Super Bowl will cost an advertiser a trifle of $ 5 million for 30 seconds of airing.

Before, during and after the match, the opinion of sports journalists, experts and columnists will be needed. Just for the Super Bowl, no less than 5,000 journalists are specially accredited for the occasion.

Player checks

Apart from the trophy won, the winning team will receive a check for $ 97,000 for each of its players. Meanwhile, the losing team still gets away with a check of around $ 40,000 for each of its players.

When you combine all the data, you realize that just for the Super Bowls , Americans will spend overall no less than $ 10 billion on the day of the final.

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