The dangerous beauty of Brazil
The dangerous beauty of Brazil

The dangerous beauty of Brazil

Do you know About The dangerous beauty of Brazil. Brazil is famous for its beauty. Endless forest tropics and stunning beaches. There are many islands and beaches on the Atlantic coast. The most popular, which probably all people in the world have, in Copacabana. As well as the famous Iguazu Falls and the Amazon River. Many national parks and reserves.

Brazilian culture is a great national heritage. They are starting from holidays such as the famous carnival and Brazilian cuisine, architecture and more. An important fact is that Russian tourists do not need a visa to Brazil. Upon arrival, they put a stamp in the passport, and you can stay on the territory for 90 days. It will also be necessary to fill out a customs declaration.

There are also restrictions on entry. For example, you cannot import and export fish. Brazilian-made tobacco and alcoholic beverages. And much more. Without duty, you can import clothes, cosmetics and some other things into Brazil, but in a certain amount or for a fixed amount.

All major airlines will take you to Brazil. There are no direct flights there. The climate in Brazil is renowned for its diversity. But it’s mostly hot. You will not find winters with frosts.

Now let’s talk where it is better to go. The best time to travel for the trip is from December to March, as in Brazil during summer. And just in February, the enchanting Brazilian carnival is held. There are also downsides to this show, as hotel prices go up dramatically. It’s best to fly to Rio de Janeiro in the fall. It is not so hot there at this time, and there are few tourists.

Brazil has thrived economically in recent years. In this regard, it has become not a very cheap country. But you can save on food in restaurants and take one dish for two because they are very large there. The currency there is the Brazilian real.

Dollars and Euros are easy to exchange. In Brazil, it is more profitable to change dollars. Find out in advance if the cards you have been served there. In this regard, for every firefighter, carry cash with you. During the summer season, prices go up.

The official language in Brazil is Portuguese, so it’s worth bringing a phrasebook with you. Be sure to try the Brazilian cuisine, because it is very refined. Reed water and, of course, coffee is also popular. Don’t forget about safety. After all, Brazil is famous for its crime. Don’t wear a lot of jewelry to avoid drawing attention. For safety reasons, you can get vaccinated against some diseases. There are no problems with telephone communication and the Internet beauty .

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