Powerful Influences of Yoga on Physical and Mental Health

If we consider yoga only as a combination of certain postures, then it is rather a gymnastics that strengthens the body. Practising regularly, you can improve the overall level of physical and mental health, normalize the functioning of individual organs and the circulatory system, correct the figure, tightens muscles and skin.

Influences of Yoga

Yoga, in the broadest sense, is a whole way of life leading to enlightenment. This is a special philosophical doctrine about the principles of world order and the place of man in this world.

Yoga helps you look at your life from a different angle and completely rethink your goals, principles and daily habits. Gaining independence from feelings, regular meditation, and concentration of attention lead to the improvement of the soul and body.

Yoga Helps Fight Back Pain

The results of a large systematic review indicate that yoga is an effective treatment for back pain and also helps people with chronic pain stay mobile. In one study, people with back pain who did 90 minutes of yoga for 24 weeks on average experienced a 56% reduction in pain.

Yoga is also recommended in clinical guidelines for people with back pain. If you have back pain, check with your doctor first to see if yoga is a good option for you to stay mobile. Or try some simple exercises to see if there is any feeling of discomfort and increased pain.

Yoga helps Fight stress

In a national survey conducted in the US, over 85% of respondents reported that yoga helped reduce stress levels. It does this by reducing the stress hormone cortisol. And as a result of the action of endorphins, we feel better and happier when we practice yoga.

Yoga improves Sleep Quality

In the same survey, over 55% of people who practice yoga found that it helped them sleep better. In particular, the combination of exercise and breathing techniques promotes the release of the hormone melatonin, which is released at night and helps us fall asleep. Yoga can also affect feelings of anxiety, stress, and chronic pain, which usually impair the quality and duration of sleep.

Yoga improves the Cardiovascular System

Yoga can help reduce the risk of heart disease in the same way as regular exercises, such as brisk walking. The combination of physical activity, breathing and meditation has a significant impact on cardiovascular risk factors.

For example, doing muscle flexibility exercises helps them become more sensitive to insulin, which is important for controlling blood sugar, and breathing techniques can help lower blood pressure.

Yoga Encourages More Balanced Eating

People who practice yoga are more attentive to their diet. Researchers have determined that the practice of yoga promotes better awareness of body sensations and control of emotions. It helps, for example, not to seize stress or, in general, be conscious about food consumption.

Yoga improves balance and coordination

Yoga improves balance, coordination and a sense of balance because they involve the implementation of controlled movements, concentration and static positions. In particular, yoga may be helpful for the elderly to maintain mobility and exercise proprioception.

Many people associate yoga with high spiritual practices that are difficult to integrate into their daily lives. However, it is a good choice for physical activity, and yoga helps to increase stamina, strengthen bones and muscles, and become more flexible and mobile.

Can yoga be practised at home?

Yoga is an amazing and ambiguous phenomenon. It combines philosophy, religion, mysticism and even healing practice. But today, it is not necessary to look for a guru or go to a group; yoga can be practised at home on your own.

Before that, don’t forget:

  • Consult a doctor
  • Get instructed by a trainer
  • Purchase basic equipment: a mat, a brick, belts and a comfortable shape.

It is easy to pick up a suit from the available home clothes. Instead of a special belt, at first, an elastic bandage or a skipping rope will do.

By performing yoga exercises conscientiously and regularly, you can achieve impressive results: the body will become flexible and the mind clear. Having assessed your capabilities and decided on the goal you want to achieve, choosing the right direction is not difficult. Yoga improves the overall physic of your body along with the strengthening of mental health.

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