Poor Countries are missing out the Covid-19 vaccines, Rich Countries can Afford them

Studies show that rich counntries are buying the vaccinations with a huge amount but it is been predicted that the poor countries will be able to vaccinate only 1 out of 10 patients. It is an alarming situation because the economy fell down in countries and the vaccinations reach is getting lower.

Understanding the situation, many medical organizations overcome the situation and to provide equal vaccinatoins around the globe.

Covax has managed to arrange over 700 million vaccines that will be distributed among 70 different financially poor countries, ensuring the euqal opportunity to people to get rid of this pandemic situtation and disease.

Few organizations like Amnesty, Oxfam and Global Justice Now have said that there should be enough vaccines produced that could be reached to every single country.

Reports have concluded that the rich countries have very few of total population and they’re getting more vaccines. Canadian reports say that they have enough vaccine to give five times to each citizen of Canada.

Pfizer/BoNtech is the vaccine that is ofiicially approved by UK for the saftey of their citizens. WHO has to take a step to provide enough vaccines to every country regardless of the fact that it is financially strong or not.

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