Polluting Oceans Causing Major Health Threat to Human Life

Polluting Ocean Causing Major Health Threat to Human Life.Human health depends upon food and environment. The Earth consists of 71% of water and the remaining is land. Humans get food from few resources like land, animal and water. Water plays an important role in human’s health. We need to keep the water clean if we want to live a healthy life. Oceans are a huge source of giving a lot of sources for human health either it is food, environment or medicines. Few resources that oceans provide for the betterment of human health are as follows:

Oceans for Medicinces:

The marine based medicines are an important source for giving enough cure to human health. Fish and algae is major source for the making of many medicines that can cure multiple human diseases.

Oceans for Environment:

Oceans are huge source for sustaining life on earth. Over 50% of world’s oxygen is produced by Oceans. They absorb more than 50% carbon dioxide of the world. Our surroundings are getting polluted with enriched carbon gases and oceans give huge help to absorb them and making our environment more clean and reliable for us.

Oceans for Food:

Oceans have been a great source of food for human since ancient times. People living on coastal areas keep up with their living through selling and eating the sea food. Moreover, other than sea food there is very few fertilized land across coastal areas. People have the main food source is from sea food.

Oceans for Economy:

Over $282 Billion finance is made through sea exports by America per anum. The economy of many countries is majorly depending upon oceans. People earn their living from sea food and for most of them it is the only source of earning.

The wastage of cities is dumped into ocean risking so many lives and finance of many countries. The sea animals are suffering the most due to water pollution and it can cause major fall to human health through many means.

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