jobs in UK
jobs in UK

Most Trending Professions in the UK in 2022

Most Trending Professions In The UK  That Will Hit The Labour Market

Everyone is aware of how challenging the past year was because of the COVID-19 pandemic, as it has changed the industries and nature of job seekers. The impacts of the lock down condition on the UK job market has been drastic, and jobs in retail, hospitality, leisure and travel have been hit hard. However, in order to survive in this new era, businesses have had to adopt new strategies. In this way, factors such as automation, urbanization, and the older population paint a picture of what the job market will look like in the next years.

However, there are also numerous areas of growth, particularly in the health and social care industry. Moreover, online grocery shopping and retail sectors have also experienced a rapid expansion because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Here are some popular jobs that will be high in demand in the next couple of years;

The Best Jobs in UK for Foreigners

  • Health Professionals

Health Professionals

Last year because COVID-19 pandemic has made more evident the need for qualified and professional healthcare staff. The National Health Emergency has put the NHS under a new spotlight, with universities reporting high interest in healthcare degrees. Moreover, the government has declared almost 4000 extra places in the universities for nurses because most of the hospitals are facing a severe shortage.

  • Mental Health Counselors

Successful therapy. Young female client having consultation with psychologist, grateful for professional help at clinic. Happy black lady speaking with her psychotherapist, solving emotional problem

The vacancies in the field of mental health counselors have been increased by 671% in the past years. Therefore, there is a significant growth in the job market of mental health counselors.

  • Web Developers

web developer

Currently, Web Development and computer programming skills are high in demand in the UK because of the rapid development in online stores, businesses’ websites, etc.

  • Teachers

An elementary school teacher smiles at her female student as she stops by to check in on her at her desk.

With the increase in the number of children moving into secondary schools, there is a significant shortage of teachers in schools. Therefore, there is a significant gap in the number of teachers and students.

  • Digital Content

Digital content

The population of social media sites has been drastically increased, and people spend most of their time reading content. Therefore, there is a significant need for Graphic Designers, Web and Social Media Content Creators and Designers, Editors and Podcasters.

  • E-commerce roles, delivery drivers and warehouse operatives


With the significant increase in online shopping and popularity among people, the upcoming years will be surprising for the E-Commerce sector. Moreover, a lot of professionals have been involved in terms of purchasing online. From warehouse operations to delivery operations, there are numerous opportunities that exist for people that will be buzzing in the future.

Temporary Jobs

As the cost of temporary hiring is much lower as compared to permanent hiring; therefore, most employers prefer to hire temporary workers to fulfil their needs. This way, most people seem to find the great advantages of working in the gig economy in order to get more flexible and free working conditions. Moreover, as it is less costly and easier for employers and more flexible for employees, there are significant growth opportunities in the temporary labour market in the future year.

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