Kourtney Kardashian will make a debute in the Remake of “She’s All That”

Reports and Kourtney’s Instagram is going all over with the news of her first cameo in “He’s All that” which is originally the remake of “She’s All That”. The news is confirmed by Kourteny’s Instagram post in which she’s reading a script and she posted it with a caption “studying @hesallthatmovie”

Along with Kourtney, the TikTok influenecer Addison Ray is also starring the movie. Kourtney and Addison are good friends in real life as well.

Kourtney is playing the role of “Jessica Miles Torres” confirmed by the Intagram page of the movie named @hesallthatmovie and Addison is playing the role of “Padget Sawyer” which is inspired by the role Zack Siler in the original reel of “She’s All That”.

The movie is directed by Mark Waters who also directed many other hits and the story is written by R. Lee Fleming who is also a great writer of all times. The movies is originally being produced by Miramax and along with there are the producers of “She’s All That” on board.

The further starring cast includes,

  • Peyton Meyer
  • Madison Pettis
  • Isabella Crovetti
  • Andrew Matarazzo
  • Vanessa Dubasso
  • Myra Malloy
  • Annie Jacob
  • Brian Torres
  • Romel De Silva
  • Dominic Goodman
  • Ryan Hollis
  • Tiffany Simon

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