iPhone 12
iPhone 12

iPhone 12 Series have a problem with the missing Notifications- Reported by Users

iPhone 12 Series have a problem with the missing Notifications- Reported by Users. Apple has been the best company because of its remarkable gadgets and their quality. With every update there is something amazing to get but this time the latest 12 series of iPhone whether it’s Apple 12, Apple 12 Pro, Apple 12 mini or Apple 12 Pro Max all of them are facing a major fault in the software this time.

Twitter has been filled with a lot of complains about Apple 12 series that they are unable to get their text notifications either it’s on iMessage or whatsapp notification. This seems to be a major drop for iPhone 12 series.

iOS 14 compatible devices are getting affected by this fault. Every model or generation of iPhone gadget which is iOS 14 compatible has the problem as the 12 series. Even some of the users have also reported about lock screen problem, that it does not detect the touch and bugs at swiping the lock screen to unlock. This problem is mainly happening with Apple 12 mini.

A month before, apple gave another update to its gadgets to fix the issue but it did not seem to really solve the problem. The message apps are unable to send notification and this seems to be a mojor dropback. Users have been reporting about this problem every now and then, here are some complaints:

Apple needs to be quick to fix this bug as soon as possible if they need to keep up with their positive feedbacks or reviews and sales.




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