Increase the Natural Defence of your Body

What is immunity?

In scientific terms, this is the body’s resistance to various effects of foreign organisms. There are certain ways that you can follow on your own to boost the natural defence of your body. Immunity boosters enhance the overall resisting power of your body against various internal and external harmful agents.

Ways to Strengthen the Immune System

Proper nutrition is almost a determining factor in the cleanliness of the body and, as a result, strong immunity. But it is far from the only one. There are also some more basic rules, following which you can maintain your health and contribute to enhancing the natural defence of the body.

Healthy Sleep

  • There is an opinion that all the necessary hormones are produced during the period (different numbers in different sources) from about 10 pm to 5 am. Thus, the time from evening to midnight is the most valuable for our health.
  • And the modern habit of staying up late at the TV or computer is clearly not good for us. Also, during sleep at night (this is important, daytime sleep is useless here), the youth hormone melatonin is produced.
  • So the mixture of immortality, which the alchemists have been searching for for so long, can be said to be healthy sleep. From the point of view of the recovery of the body, it is much better to go to bed earlier and get up earlier.
  • To make it easier to fall asleep in the evening, it is recommended to give up various emotionally rich information, movies, computer games and social networks an hour or two before bedtime. Networks or some aggressive controversy. You can take the time to listen to classical music or meditate.

Physical Activity

  • This was already discussed in the previous paragraph, but we can dwell on this in more detail. If you observe animals that are closer to nature than we are, then the animal is practically constantly in motion, except for the time when it sleeps.
  • Moderate physical activity contributes to the preservation of health. Separately, it is worth paying attention to yoga practices, which directly allow you to work not only with the physical body but also with energy channels.
  • From the point of view of alternative medicine, any disease is a kind of “blockage” of the energy channel. And yoga allows you to work with your health not only at the level of the material body but also on a more subtle plane.

Eliminate Sugar

  • Contrary to popular belief, sugar is not just a pleasant “yummy”, but a real poison that depletes and wears out the body. Sugar also lowers the PH of the body; namely, in an acidic environment, various bacteria and microorganisms feel great and begin to multiply actively, but in an alkaline environment, on the contrary, they die.
  • So maintaining an alkaline environment in the body is the key to health. And one of the main steps to alkalizing the body is the exclusion of sugar. As well as flour and animal products, primarily meat, fish and eggs.
  • To cleanse the body and increase immunity, it is important to increase the content of vegetable fibre in the diet. It is desirable that raw fruits and vegetables make up approximately 50-70% of the diet. This allows you to achieve the state of the body in which purification processes prevail over pollution processes.

Use more Fruits and Vegetables

  • Vegetables play a huge role in cleansing the body. By itself, the fibre of vegetables is not absorbed, but it perfectly cleanses the digestive tract. You can eat vegetables in the form of salads, but they should not be cut too finely so that the cleansing effect is stronger.
  • It is raw vegetables that cleanse the body. Vegetables subjected to heat treatment do not have a cleansing effect but are partially absorbed.
  • Fruits are a source of energy and vitamins. They are easily digestible and are considered the most natural food for humans. Separately, fruit and vegetable juices can be noted.
  • They are absorbed as quickly as possible and almost completely, without loading the digestive tract. Also, juices (like fruits) play a huge role in alkalizing the body; we have already talked about how important this is above. Fruits and juices are sources of natural sugar and fructose, as well as many vitamins and microelements.


  • Swimming, dousing, contrast showers, all this helps to strengthen the immune system. Various manipulations with high and low temperatures can increase blood circulation, which helps to stimulate the cleansing processes.
  • By the way, it often happens that some fanaticism in the matter of hardening leads to a cold. But as we have already found out above, cold is also a cleansing process toxin, and toxins are removed through mucus.
  • Therefore, we can say that even in the case of such an experience of hardening, the original goal is also achieved; it’s just that the purification process starts to go too quickly, which often causes discomfort. But if you smoothly increase the temperature load, then this cleansing process can be completely painless.

Walk in the Open Air

  • The modern rhythm of life has practically deprived most of us of this “luxury”, and yet it is necessary for our body, literally, like air. And simply ventilating the room does not help here. Firstly, in addition to the freshest air, movement is also important, and secondly, a person needs to be exposed to sunlight at least several times a week.

Following the above-mentioned activities, you can naturally enhance your defence mechanism. Your immune system requires your attention to boost its power of immunity.




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