Importance of physical games
Importance of physical games

Importance of Physical Games for High School Students

Importance of Physical Activities in School

The play has long been the most important component of human life and has been used for the upbringing and physical development of the younger generation. In this way, physical activities and games also help students in the development of stronger minds and decision-making abilities.

Physical games  for students are the primary stage of playing activity, and sports are the highest stage leading to mastery. Physical games strengthen the functional systems of the body, contribute to the formation of correct posture. When playing games in the fresh air, children are hardened. In physical games, the reaction to a rapidly changing environment improves, the ability to assess Spatio-temporal relationships develops. Physical games increase interest in physical culture and sports, relieve stress that arises with repeated repetition of exercises. Physical games play is of a collective nature, and in the process of playing, children learn to interact with each other, they develop volitional qualities.

When organizing and conducting games, the leading role should belong to teachers, educators. It is important to ensure the safety of children during play and to maintain strict discipline. Games can be included in any part of the physical education class. Furthermore, the selection of games depends on the purpose and objectives of the lesson. For example, in the preparatory part of the lesson, you can use games that will help you better warm up your muscles, prepare the body for the upcoming load: “Day and Night“, “Catch the Last“, “Hares and Walruses“. The main part of the lesson includes games, relay races, allowing to form motor skills and abilities provided by the topic of the lesson.

In the final part, games for attention, for the development of coordination, are used, which contribute to the relaxation of the body (“Forbidden movement”, “Who will hear better”, “In places”). Physical games are especially important for the education and formation of character in childhood and adolescence. However, when choosing physical games, the teacher needs to know and necessarily take into account the age, mental and anatomical and physiological characteristics of the students.

Children learn to act in a team, to obey common requirements. The presence of rules and the requirement to comply with them, the frequent turnover of drivers put the participants in the game in the position of equal partners, which contributes to the strengthening of emotional contacts between children. Children in the game gradually learn that they cannot leave someone in trouble, laugh at someone else’s awkwardness because this can happen to anyone. The achievement of mutual success depends on the actions of mutual assistance.

The usefulness of physical games lies in the fact that they are based on different kinds of vital motions and are executed under various circumstances. Moreover, a large number of movements within the body are based on the chemical processes that help in activating respiration, blood circulation, and metabolism. The activation of these process improve the development of bones, tissues and also increase the mobility of the joints.

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