healthy food for students
healthy food for students

Importance of Healthy Food for University Students.

Benefits of Healthy Food for University Students

Children, adolescents and students are the future of the country, so their health deserves great attention. Today, the government of the country pays great attention to the quality of food; laws and decrees are passed at different levels. Meals for students are practically not regulated, so most of them do not eat well. Most often, students eat extremely irregularly, snacking on the go, dry food, 1-2 times a day, many do not use the services of canteens. Therefore, healthy foods have significant importance for students so that they can maintain their health and development.

Healthy eating is one of the foundations of a healthy lifestyle and, therefore, maintains and promotes health. This is an essential and constantly acting factor that ensures adequate processes of growth and development of the organism. Rational, healthy nutrition ensures harmonious physical and neuropsychic development, increases resistance to infectious diseases and resistance to adverse environmental conditions. The majority of the population treats their health with disdain. Lack of time, incompetence in food culture, the pace of modern life – all this has led to the indiscriminate choice of products.

Due to the violation of the diet during study, many students develop diseases. The student’s time is incredibly rich and varied, and it is characterized by a big nervous system overload. The load is increasing substantially up to 15-16 hours per day, especially during the session. Chronic loss of sleep, breach of day and rest conditions, dietary characteristics, heavy information load and lack of fitness could lead to a neuropsychic collapse.

Students usually dine in canteens located at the place of study. It should be noted that about 10% of the college catering structure is occupied by various kiosks and buffets, which mainly sell flour culinary and confectionery products. A full meal includes a salad, first and second courses, a drink, pastry or dessert.

The growing popularity among students of instant food products containing large amounts of various flavours, dyes, preservatives, and modified components, is worrisome. Poor nutrition now is becoming a severe risk factor for many diseases to develop. Unfortunately, recent years’ figures show a dramatic increase in obesity, cardiovascular system disease, Mellitus diabetes, etc., among young people. You may prevent such illnesses by having a healthy lifestyle and eating appropriately first of all. In addition, alcohol consumption and smoking are widespread among students.

Therefore, correct and balanced nutrition is the key to maintaining health at any age and maintaining an optimal weight. By following the principles of proper nutrition, you can get rid of many diseases without the use of drugs. It is important to understand that it is never too late to change your lifestyle, but the transition to a balanced diet should be gradual and smooth. Moreover, by switching to a healthy diet, you can lower your cholesterol levels. The same goes for blood pressure. But these are the leading causes of the development of dangerous heart diseases. With a diet high in animal fats and a sufficient amount of salt, you can age quickly, and your health will deteriorate.

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