How Excessive Use of Smartphones Ruins Human Health

How Excessive Use of Smartphones Ruins Human Health

It is worth considering the impact of a smartphone on human health. The excessive use of cell phones contributes to the impact on mental health. It can apply to any smartphone that connects to the Internet, which has a browser, YouTube, social networks, etc. The first and perhaps most well-known is electromagnetic radiation. Basically, electromagnetic waves from cellular communications and various communication channels, such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. The battery itself also gives off radiation that can be transmitted in the form of waves. Here are some of the adverse effects of smartphones on health:

Disadvantages of Smart Phone Usage:

Adverse Impact on Male’s Reproductive System

An important factor is a temperature. We sometimes forget about it – it seems to us that the heating of the phone is quite natural during operation, but definitely carrying a heating phone in the pockets of your trousers and a noticeable increase in temperature adversely affects the male reproductive system. All electromagnetic studies give rise to temperature. When the phone is not optimized, it starts to do something beyond our desire and gets very hot. This is usually followed by discharging the device.

Cause of Irritation and Noise

Other harmful factors are noise, sound and vibration. We automatically regard them as a kind of irritant that needs to be addressed immediately. Noise and vibration are given to us primarily by speakers and vibration motors. Each smartphone has a vibration motor, which has a small body mass eccentrically, and what is wound on the axis in this motor causes vibration.

Bad Effects on Visual Organs

The image is also a harmful factor of smartphones. It affects our visual organs. Our attention is constantly disturbed, and we look at the little signs that change on the screen, at the events that are constantly taking place. It also has a bad effect on the musculoskeletal system because the human neck and vertebrae are not designed to be constantly in a curved state. Our blood vessels bend, the location of the vertebrae changes, and, as a result, we can acquire many other problems that can be attributed to our general health problems.

Gradual Loss of Consciousness

Separately, I would like to highlight virtualization. Most of our lives are spent in the virtual space: today, we literally live in social networks, Facebook, Youtube, and instant messengers. In effect, we are mentally absent where we can physically be. Unfortunately, these are the most harmful factors.

The decline in Nervous Activity

Naturally, the brain turns on compensatory mechanisms, discards something, and we become inattentive. The second higher nervous activity works unproductively, and a person loses memory and may forget about something. If he needs to, he does not remember, making some effort, but opens his smartphone and looks for the answer on Wikipedia and the Internet.

Malfunctioning of Cardiac System

Electrical signals pass through the nerve endings of the human body, the work of which is also affected by radiation. It turns out that if the smartphone is in a breast pocket or hanging on a string on the chest, then it adversely affects the functioning of the cardiovascular system.

Effect on Central Nervous System

We have a conducting system – an autonomous nervous system that does not directly depend on the action of the central nervous system. These are some kind of pacemakers, our pacemakers, who constantly send information along the nerve endings, and the heart contracts. Every time and every minute, it must beat uninterruptedly, and if it stops for 2-3 minutes, then we will die from hypoxia and starvation. For a person with an artificial pacemaker, it is completely contraindicated to be near the device.

What do we lose with a smartphone? 

The first is health. We are wasting our time and our loved ones. When we come to visit relatives whom we have not seen for a long time, we still do not let go of our smartphones and do not pay attention to loved ones. We are wasting time and, most importantly, reality. It turns out that we often live in a fictional virtual world, but it is important to live here and now and take the best and most useful from technology, carefully assessing the risks and potential losses.


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