Tourism in Pakistan
Tourism in Pakistan

How Did Pakistan’s Tourism Achieve International Notoriety?

Tourism in Pakistan : Pakistan’s country is endowed with many natural marvels and riches. It features stunning green landscapes, high lush green and snow mountains, and many other just stunning places. In recent years, there have been many changes in the tourist industry. Every tourist department and the government work hard to showcase Pakistan’s attractiveness on a global scale.

Incidents and Government Efforts Reveal Pakistan’s Tourism Potential

The KPK government is making more attempts to promote tourism in Pakistan. Several fast measures were implemented in 2019, which will assist even more shortly. The application procedure for a tourist visa in Pakistan has been dramatically simplified. Similarly, several tourism conferences were organized to alter Pakistan’s image from an unsafe nation to a tourist-friendly one.

A tourist police wing was established in Azad Jammu & Kashmir and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa to assist and guarantee the safety of visitors. Tourism applications are being developed to help visitors and make their trips more pleasant.

Many events aided Pakistan in becoming a top tourist-friendly country on a worldwide scale. The visit of the British royal couple in October helped Pakistan gain worldwide attention; the international and national media extensively covered the tour and the sites visited. Following such efforts, the nation steadily rose to the top.

This section will go over how events, government initiatives, and the country’s natural beauty can promote tourism in Pakistan in 2021.

International recognition as the World’s Coolest Destination.

It is no small feat for a country to be designated as a World fantastic and safe destination. We are all pleased and thrilled to have become the trendiest tourist destination. This great news came only before the start of 2019, when Forbes Magazine, a well-known worldwide magazine, named Pakistan one of the year’s top ten trendiest countries to visit. The real success of moving from a dangerous to the safest or more extraordinary location depended on various variables. One of the most significant is viral testimonies from international visitors.

International bloggers and vloggers promote tourism in Pakistan.

Several foreign visitors, vloggers, and bloggers who visited Pakistan recorded their experiences, how they explored the country’s natural splendor and recorded northern domestic life. Their heartwarming stories of villagers greeting them with open arms went viral on the internet, and people from all over the globe were interested in their trips to Pakistan and seeing our lovely hidden locations.

Drew Binky, an American YouTuber who has been to numerous places, visited Pakistan for two weeks in March 2019 and revealed the ten things he likes about the South Asian nation. All of these contributed to the perception that Pakistan is a safe place to visit. Many other bloggers and vloggers visit Pakistan and write about it in their blogs and travel diaries. Eva Zoo Beck is another foreign traveler and blogger to add to the list. She comes to visit and live among our natives, enjoying their way of life. She promotes our locations, secret valleys, and lakes on her social media platforms.

Best Holiday Destinations in 2021

Tourism in Pakistan

Tourism in Pakistan

Tourism in Pakistan



The year 2019 ended with excellent news. Conde Nast, an American luxury travel magazine, has named Pakistan the top vacation destination for 2021. This will serve to reinforce the notion that Pakistan is a safe place to visit.

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