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May, 2022

  • 10 May

    Aerobic Exercises: Mechanism, Types and Their Benefits


    Benefits of Aerobic Exercises Aerobic literally means “living in the air” or “using oxygen”. Aerobic exercise helps you burn calories faster. Any aerobic exercise should leave enough room for small talk. The appearance of shortness of breath indicates that you did not perform aerobically but anaerobic exercises (literally – without oxygen, i.e. intense …

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  • 9 May

    How Excessive Use of Smartphones Ruins Human Health

    How Excessive Use of Smartphones Ruins Human Health It is worth considering the impact of a smartphone on human health. The excessive use of cell phones contributes to the impact on mental health. It can apply to any smartphone that connects to the Internet, which has a browser, YouTube, social …

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  • 6 May

    8 Effective Ways to Boost Metabolism

    Effective Ways to Boost Metabolism Today, most people associate metabolism with how quickly they burn calories and lose weight. This approach is too simplistic. Metabolism is the use of energy for life itself. There are three main ways in which the body uses energy from food: rest, movement, and eating. Metabolism helps …

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April, 2022

  • 30 April

    Benefits of Morning Walk on Physical and Mental Health

    Benefits of Morning Walk Building a healthy lifestyle is an important task for many people. But unfortunately, not everyone manages to go to the gym or engage in other physical activity. And for such people, there is good news: you can improve and maintain your physical and mental health with just a …

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  • 26 April

    6 Useful Tips to Keep your Heart Healthy

    The Best Tips for a Healthy Heart The heart is the most important organ of our body. The state of the cardiovascular system directly affects the health and life expectancy of a person. It is necessary to take care of the heart from a young age; we offer simple rules that act …

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  • 8 April

    15 Top Nutritive Products for Women’s Health and Fitness

    It is very important for women to always take care of their health because women are future mothers who must create the healthiest conditions for the development of the baby in the womb. But even if you do not plan to become a mother yet, you need to think about your …

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  • 5 April

    Best Fitness Hacks: Top Vitamins That Boost Immunity

    Vitamins make essential proteins that are an important component of immunity because they are: The part of an antibody that blocks foreign microorganisms; Help to form a zone of inflammation so that the infection does not get into other tissues; Regulate the rate of reproduction of immune cells; Participate in …

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March, 2022

  • 31 March

    Healthy Foods for Male’s Fitness

    best food for male fitness

    Male metabolism is significantly different from female metabolism due to hormones. The main one is testosterone. It is responsible for secondary sexual characteristics regulates the metabolism of fats, proteins and carbohydrates. The male hormone is involved in the division of red blood cells and their saturation with haemoglobin. Therefore, men are less likely than …

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  • 26 March

    Facts About Sports and Their Impacts on Human Health

    The impact of sports on human health is undeniable: this can be seen in the example of many thousands of athletes and in hundreds of scientific studies. In fact, few people deny this influence. But some are sure that the success of sports activities depends on genetics, and the health benefits are …

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  • 25 March

    Powerful Influences of Yoga on Physical and Mental Health

    If we consider yoga only as a combination of certain postures, then it is rather a gymnastics that strengthens the body. Practising regularly, you can improve the overall level of physical and mental health, normalize the functioning of individual organs and the circulatory system, correct the figure, tightens muscles and skin. …

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