Holidays in Brazil: the luxury of nature and the beauty of the urban jungle
Holidays in Brazil: the luxury of nature and the beauty of the urban jungle

Holidays in Brazil: the luxury of nature and the beauty of the urban jungle

Holidays in Brazil: the luxury of nature and the beauty of the urban jungle. Colorful carnivals, football, aromatic coffee, hot women and TV shows – all this is Brazil, one of the most unusual countries on earth. This is the birthplace of the father of aviation Santos Dumon, the best football player in the world Pele, the most talented Formula 1 driver Aerton Senna, the famous writer Paulo Coelho. A country – a child – this is how its inhabitants call Brazil. A vacation in Brazil is an incredible experience and a lot of pleasure from being in a truly delightful state.

Brazilian luxury

Brazil is striking in its contrast: next to magnificent buildings there are impoverished neighborhoods, about which many soap operas have been filmed. The famous Brazilian carnivals are held here with the participation of the most beautiful women.

The visiting card of the country is the statue of Christ almost thirty meters high. It also houses the world’s largest football stadium, MaracanĂ£. There are the most expensive and luxurious ones on kilometres of beaches, ready for guests all year round. One of the best hotels in Latin America – Copacabana Palace is located in Rio de Janeiro.

It is deservedly included in the chain of the most expensive and luxurious hotels in the world. Quite exotic, but chic is the Nanai Beach Resort, built according to Fiji’s architectural style. Itacare Eco Resort is located directly in the ecological park, and there are numerous beaches near the hotel. The amazingly beautiful place of Buzios, north of Rio, from a fishing village turned into a respectable resort for world stars after visiting its legendary Brigitte Bardot.

Today the rich elite of different countries rest here: actors, writers, musicians. The city of Angra dos Reis is a cluster of many yacht clubs and hotels along the coastline. The best beaches and luxurious snow-white yachts are located here.

For shopping in Brazil, you can go to giant shopping centers, such as the largest in Latin America “Bara Shopping”. More than one GUM could fit on its square.

A small train runs around the mall, and inside, you can ride a three-wheeled electric car. Brazil is famous worldwide for its jewellery, and here you can buy emeralds, amethysts, diamonds, aquamarines, tourmalines, turquoise, opals, sapphires.

Armani, Louis Vuitton, Versace, Dior, Cartier are located on Oscar Freyet Street in Sao Paulo. Collections of famous Brazilian designers – Ellis, Alexander Herchovich, Forum – are also sold here.

Tourists and drug lords

Brazil, despite its apparent prosperity, suffers from drugs. Their trade centres are located in the favelas controlled by drug dealers, which have their warning and security systems.

Even the regular police raids, carried out with air cover and the support of armored vehicles, have not yet helped to cope with drugs’ flow.

Theft is another problem that the local authorities are unable to cope with. In no case should you leave your belongings unattended, wear expensive jewellery in public places. More attention is required from tourists coming to the carnival. It is not recommended to approach work areas and slums.

Extreme brazil

Particularly popular in Brazil are extreme vacations, travel in the Amazon and hiking in the jungle. Not everyone can decide to meet the virgin forests of the Amazon. Holidays in Brazil. Still, the most desperate get the opportunity to see the amazing plants and even animals of Brazil with their own eyes.

Waterfalls deserve special attention. On the border of the three states, there is a real wonder of the world – the Iguazu Falls, which form cascades of water at the rivers’ meeting point. Sounds of splashes from such beauty scatter for several kilometers.

Holidays in Brazil are an opportunity not only to see amazing monuments of history and architecture with your own eyes, soak up the sandy beaches, look at the famous carnival, but also visit the most expensive boutiques, jewellery salons, nightclubs and restaurants, feel the taste of life, breathe in the sea air.

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