best food for male fitness

Healthy Foods for Male’s Fitness

Male metabolism is significantly different from female metabolism due to hormones. The main one is testosterone. It is responsible for secondary sexual characteristics regulates the metabolism of fats, proteins and carbohydrates. The male hormone is involved in the division of red blood cells and their saturation with haemoglobin. Therefore, men are less likely than women to develop anaemia, and the haemoglobin rate is higher.Nutrition for the Synthesis of Male Hormones

Testosterone affects resistance to stress, the distribution of fat in the body, muscle mass. With sufficient concentration, a man who has a high libido is sexually active and hardy. But with a decrease in the synthesis of the hormone in the testes, the entire body suffers.

The production of testosterone depends on many factors; proper nutrition is one of them. Cholesterol is necessary for the normal synthesis of the hormone, so it cannot be completely excluded from the diet. But the excess of animal fats and simple carbohydrates, which lead to obesity, is also dangerous. In this case, testosterone is converted into estrogens in adipose tissue – female sex hormones that strike at potency.

Nutritional Requirements of Men

It is believed that the basis of the men’s diet is meat. This is partly correct; meat products contain a large amount of protein and essential amino acids, which are not found in plant foods. But an excess of protein food harms men’s health, and you must adhere to the rule of 1 g of protein per kilogram of body weight. But these should be high-quality natural products, not semi-finished products.

Men often ignore vegetables and fruits, leaving potatoes, cucumbers and tomatoes as an exception. But plant foods are good for health. It is a source of many vitamins, minerals, as well as ballast substances, e.g. fibre, which ensures normal digestion and protects against the development of constipation. For those who tend to have bowel problems and have low fibre diets, fibre capsules can be supplemented in their diet.

The amount of fat should be small; you need to remember that cholesterol is needed for men’s health. To maintain the prostate, preserve sexual function, protect blood vessels and the heart, the nervous system, it is necessary that omega-3 and omega-6 acids be present in the diet. Most of them are found in vegetable oils, fatty fish, nuts, wheat germ.

 Beneficial Food Products for Male’s Health

Every day, the menu of the men’s diet should contain foods rich in vitamins and trace elements involved in sperm production and testosterone production. These substances include zinc, selenium, vitamin C, E and group B. Some of the foods that contain essential nutrients for male’s health and fitness are as follows:


Vision and prostate health are well controlled by a substance found in spinach called lutein. The flavour of spinach is well covered by any brighter vegetable or fruit – add a handful of spinach to a green smoother along with an apple, and you won’t even notice it was there.

Tomato sauce and tomatoes

Tomatoes are rich in lycopene, and a substance believed to protect against prostate cancer. An easy way to eat more tomatoes a day is to make a tomato sauce based on tomato paste instead of creamy meat and pasta.


The beneficial monounsaturated fatty acids in avocados are great for reducing cholesterol, which can put you closer to a heart attack. Why it is dangerous for men, everyone has probably heard. Instead of avocados, healthy fats can be obtained from olive or hemp oil, as well as from nuts – everything is better than animal and trans-fats.


Protein, fibre, zinc, great taste – do you even need a reason to persuade you to eat more pistachios? Here’s another argument – they also help lower bad cholesterol. We get a universal way to maintain such areas of male health as sexual function and the cardiovascular system.


Fibre may not sound like something brutal, but its benefits for men’s health cannot be underestimated. Fibre-rich oatmeal is a great option for an energizing and digestion-boosting breakfast. Fibre also cleanses blood vessels of bad cholesterol – one of the worst enemies of men’s health.

Milk and yoghurt

Whey milk and yoghurt are rich in leucine, an amino acid important for muscle growth. And the gut-friendly bacteria, protein, and potassium high in yoghurt make it a great post-gym snack.

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