Ex-Zoom Employee Charged for Censoring Events based on Tiananmen Square Anniversary

Tiananmen Square was an incident happened in 1989 and it is also called June Fourth Incident. The
Chinese troops fired on the unarmed people resulting in several deaths. Recently, on the anniversary of
Tiananmen Square a china based employee sensored the zoom meeting sharing the material about the
event. US charged the Employee for this act as they need to get over it for making it a taboo in the world.
They can’t change what happened and they can’t stop people talking about it.
The employee named Xinjiang Jin censored and terminated around 4 meetings based of June 4th incident
in the month of May and June hosted by the people from United States. An arrest warrant has dropped for
the Xinjiang and he is dismissed from the board of Zoom executives. It was reported that Xin terminated
over four Zoom meetings on the 31st anniversary of Tiananmen Square. He did it on purpose on the
behalf of Chinese government so that they could charge or fine the protestors on the meeting. Even a
group made fake account with false names and uploaded display pictures related to terrorism,
pornography and child abuse so that they could get banned and charged.
Ating US Attorney Seth DuCharme in Brooklyn mentioned:
“Jin willingly committed crimes, and sought to mislead others at the company, to help [Chinese]authorities censor and punish US users’ core political speech merely for exercising their rights to free
It is highly unacceptable for any company running an application all over the world letting any of the
employees have the authority to show patriotism and ban the people exploiting their privacy, views and
thoughts. Zoom apologized to the people about what happened this year and made sure that such
disrespectful act will not happen again.
The company made sure by saying,
“Going forward Zoom will not allow requests from the Chinese government to impact anyone outside of
mainland China,”
In a post Zoom mentioned at their site,
“We support the U.S. Government’s commitment to protect American interests from foreign influence. As
the DOJ notes, Zoom has been fully cooperating with them in this matter. We have also been conducting a
thorough internal investigation, and we terminated for violating company policies the China-based
former employee charged in this matter. We have also placed other employees on administrative leave
pending the completion of our investigation.”
Ensuring the people’s privacy and their interests Zoom has made sure that such unfair actions will not
happen again.
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