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Do You Know Rich Foods With High Vitamin D Quantities?

Vitamin D Rich Foods

The main source of vitamin D, as you know, is the sun, but with the arrival of the autumn-winter season, we see it less and less. Therefore, to fulfil our vitamin D efficiency, we need a consistent amount of vitamin D to meet our body requirements.

Vitamin D fights several diseases, including pancreatitis, gastritis, osteoporosis, vitamin deficiency, etc., helps to lose weight, saves from ageing and dementia. This is why you should add more D foods to your diet.


A standard serving of salmon served in restaurants contains between 361 and 685 IU (international units) of vitamin D., And the daily intake of these very units is about 600 per day. If the fish is fresh, only caught, then there is an order of magnitude more vitamin in it. Keep this in mind the next time you go shopping.


Mackerel, like salmon, is considered an oily fish. A standard serving of mackerel contains about 360 IU of vitamin D. If you plan to cook this fish, supplement it with such natural spices as coriander, cumin, and fennel.


Tuna contains slightly less IU of vitamin D – 236. But we must warn you that tuna is a fish that accumulates mercury. To avoid poisoning, eat it no more than once a week.


Congratulations to fish lovers – the highest amount of vitamin D can be found in it. In sardines, the amount of vitamin is measured at 272 IU. You can “invite” tomatoes, fresh basil and lemon juice to their company.


Eggs don’t have as much D as you’d like (only 30 IU), but if you’re not into fish, then you should look for an alternative source of the vitamin. D is found in yolks, and when paired with healthy fats, proteins, minerals and other vitamins, it becomes an essential ingredient in your meals.


Mushrooms are the only plant-based food from which you can get a serving of vitamin D, albeit a very tiny 5 IU. Therefore, doctors see them as just a supplement to foods rich in D.


Not everyone has the opportunity to feast on oysters, but we couldn’t help but add them to our list. They have a minimal amount of calories but a large number of nutrients. Among which 320 IU of vitamin D.


In addition to vitamin D (152 IU), shrimp also contains omega-3 fatty acids, which are very beneficial for our body. This seafood can be added to any dish, be it pasta, salad or appetizer.


All these foods provide rich quality and quantity of vitamin D, and they also help in terms of fighting diseases. Therefore, we need to take a consistent amount of vitamin D so that we can maintain our health and remain active, healthy and happy. Most of these items we try and eat every day, but we don’t have sufficient information about their importance. Therefore, this article provides information about their benefits so that we can make use of these foods on a regular basis.



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