Covid-19 Couldn’t seem to Stop in USA and Europe Even After the Vaccine arrived

The arrival of vaccine could not help the spreading disease around the biggest states of USA and Europe
confirmed in a report by THE NEW YORK TIMES. They also mentioned that the poor countries are far
more away from getting rid of virus. USA and European countries got the vaccines last week and they
started treating the patients by that but during that being the biggest hit of covid patients, the cases started
rising again.
Total suffered people of covid hit the tally till 75 million. Last friday after giving the vaccinations to
around 128,000 people the new confirmed cases reported that day were 250,000. THE NEW YORK
TIMES DATABASES updates the tally. If we talk about the tally according to the countries across the
states then Sweden was reported as of total covid cases were out of every 100,000 people 66 are getting
affected on daily basis. Even Lithuania has become world’s highest Covid patients rate during these days.
United States even after being Power of Attorney could not the stop the covid affect or death rates during
the year.
If we talk about Europe, even being one of the most developed states it could not stop the increasing cases
of covid around the state. The total affected rate of Europe hits the tally of 15 Million in total, reported by
European Center for Disease Prevention and Control. The tally is raising day by day and it is an alarming
situation for the world. These states are the ones for the middle class countries to look upon and they are
unable to control this increasing virus.
The death rate around the world has enormously raised as in total of 1.6 Million people died all around
the world. The affected rate of Covid patients this wednesday hit 3611 people in US. In United Kingdom,
over 135,000 people got vaccinated for covid out of which 108,000 were in London. The Prime Minister
of London addressed that there will be a strict lockdown all over the country.
Covax is the vaccine and the manufacturing bodies got the notice that they have to make around one
billion doses alone for the low and middle income countries and it is a good decision as in around India,
Pakistan and other countries have not yet gotten any of vaccines for their patients. The wealthy countries
need to contribute to give raise the manufacturing of doses for the needy countries. Even Canada got 6
times more vaccines than needed, they said that they will definitely contribute to give enough vaccines to
other countries. It needs to be done quickly so that the world can get rid of the deadly virus and to become
a peaceful land for the people again.
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