Chocolate Diet for Weight Loss: How to Get Slim While Staying Sweet Tooth?

How often do we hear: for young ladies losing weight, chocolate is enemy number 1! After all, is it possible to lose weight without giving up this, beloved by many, delicacy? It turns out that it is not only possible, but also necessary – and the chocolate diet for weight loss is direct proof of this!

Chocolate diet rules for weight loss

Chocolate diet for weight loss promises to lose 3-7 kilograms per week! And this is not surprising, because, despite the fact that it is based on chocolate – a product that is far from a dietary one, the chocolate diet is a very strict nutritional system. In total, a day is allowed to eat only 100g of chocolate, divided into 2-3 meals, and not white (there is almost no cocoa butter in it), but black. With chocolate, you can drink a small cup of coffee with 1% milk, as coffee tends to speed up the metabolism. But don’t overdo it – coffee raises blood pressure.

What’s the secret? In a low calorie diet. After all, the energy value of 100 g of chocolate without additives is only 500-600 calories. This means that no matter how absurd it may seem, a diet with dark chocolate can be safely ranked among the most effective diets for weight loss.

Pros and cons of the chocolate diet for weight loss

The chocolate diet for weight loss will help you get fast results in the shortest possible time, its rules are easy to follow, you do not need to spend time preparing food and it is easy to take chocolate with you when you go to visit or to work to stick to the diet there too. Such a diet is very suitable for lovers of sweets – after all, the ban on chocolate for them, at times, is simply impossible! Yes, and you will be all right with brain activity – chocolate is a wonderful stimulator of mental activity.

And yet, because of its daily calorie content, it is not recommended to follow the chocolate diet for weight loss for more than 3 days – you, of course, will lose excess weight, but, most likely, at the cost of your health. However, any mono- and low-calorie diet can harm you if you stick to them for a long time. The chocolate diet for weight loss also cannot be considered balanced – the ratio of proteins, fats and carbohydrates in it is 1: 5: 8 instead of the generally accepted 1: 1: 4.

Remember that the chocolate for weight losses is contraindicated for diabetics, allergy sufferers, people with liver and gall bladder diseases and hypertension, since the diet includes coffee, which increases blood pressure. Otherwise, without significant harm to health, you can use diet rules for fasting days.

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