How Healthy Diet Foods Can Improve Heart Needs?

Healthy Foods

Healthy Foods Can Improve Heart Needs. Avoiding fast food and fatty foods is not enough to keep your heart healthy, making it difficult to maintain a healthy diet. Most people also feel difficulties in understanding their body’s needs that significantly impact their heart health. The heart is the most crucial …

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Lack of hormones: how does it threaten your health?


Hormone regulate a number of important processes in the body, including blood pressure and blood glucose levels. Lack of hormones can result from malfunctioning of the glands and is accompanied by various side effects that have negative consequences for the body. Causes of hormone deficiency Among the diseases that are …

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What Happens to Your Body During a Migraine?


For those who have never experienced throbbing pain, nausea and weakness. It is almost impossible to understand the “sufferers“.  According to the Migraine Research Foundation, USA, the disease belongs to neurological disorders and ranks 6th among the most severe diseases in the world. Migraines manifest in hundreds of ways, and …

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Latest Research from Dr. Elizabeth Beatriz on Delta Variant Covid-19


According to recent research published in the journal Nature, individuals with the Delta version may spread the virus for almost two days before showing symptoms. Presymptomatic transmission is thought to account for approximately 75% of Delta variant infections. Because of increased viral levels, vaccinated individuals with uncommon “breakthrough” illnesses may …

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