brain development tips
brain development tips

Brain Development Useful Tips and Exercises

What makes a person a person? There are many answers to this question, but one of the most common and true is that a person has a high self-consciousness, is able to think and has a brain many times superior in its development to the brain of any other living creature known to science. Over thousands of years of evolution, the human mind and brain have undergone a huge number of significant changes, and this progress itself is based on the ability to develop. It is for this reason that people have moved their thinking to a qualitatively new level.

But it is easy to guess that humanity as a whole, and each of us individually, has not yet reached the pinnacle of its capabilities. This means that the brain is still constantly evolving. But more interesting is that we are able to influence the development of our main organ on our own. Moreover, it is also the responsibility of everyone because, first of all, personal life results, work efficiency, success in learning, mastering new skills and communicating with others depend on the degree of brain development.

Taking into account all of the above, today, we want to talk about the development of the brain. Next, you will learn interesting information about the human brain, its functions and features of development, useful tips, exercises and ways to train. From all this, an effective system of development of thinking can be formed, which can be applied by you every day. And to begin with, we will say a few words about the human brain in general, in order to better understand how to develop it to the maximum.

Briefly about the human brain

The human brain is the most mysterious and mysterious organ, and many draw an analogy between it and a computer. Throughout his life, a person learns something and learns something new, and all the information that has one or another utility for him goes into his memory and is stored there as long as he needs it. If some data becomes irrelevant, the brain simply erases it.

The functions of the brain can be listed for a very, very long time, but the main thing is that thinking, memory, imagination, speech, feelings, perception, self-consciousness depend on it. Naturally, this list is much longer, and if you want to learn more about the human brain and its development, you can find and read specialized books (Roger Sipe, John Medina, Dmitry Chernyshev and other authors).

The brain is represented by the right and left hemispheres, connected to each other by the corpus callosum, which serves to transmit information between them. If one hemisphere is damaged, the other is usually damaged as well. But there are cases when, for example, when the left hemisphere was destroyed, its functions were taken over by the right one, and vice versa, thanks to which a person could continue to live a full life. As for these very functions, they are different.

The left hemisphere is responsible for logical thinking and working with numbers. It processes and analyzes information in a specific, strict sequence. And the right hemisphere is responsible for sensory perception and creative thinking – with its help, music, smells, colours, art, etc., are perceived. The same hemisphere helps a person to navigate in the space around him. And thanks to its ability to synthesize the available information, a person gets the opportunity to think creatively, find non-standard solutions, solve puzzles, perform all kinds of exercises and play games for the development of thinking and imagination (by the way, speaking of the development of thinking, it would not be superfluous to mention a course in cognitive science, after passing which you can master twelve different thinking techniques).

In principle, the considered information is more or less sufficient for an approximate understanding of how the human brain works. And it remains only to note that thanks to special exercises, the brain can be developed and made more powerful. However, it is very important to pay attention to the so-called preparatory measures because it does not matter whether the brain of a child or an adult will be trained; in any case, it must be prepared for this.

How to prepare your brain for exercise

There are three basic rules that should be taken into account in order to make your brain more elastic, pliable and ready to perceive and assimilate new information, as well as its subsequent reproduction and competent application.

These rules include:

  • Elimination of hyperdynamic. This means that you must provide yourself with the necessary amount of physical activity. Physical inactivity is characteristic of people who lead a passive lifestyle or simply move little, for example, those whose activities involve spending a lot of time in a sitting position, for example, schoolchildren and students, lovers of playing computer games for hours or TV lovers. And the negative consequences of hyperdynamic are expressed in the fact that it does not allow the fatty acids in the body to be broken down, which leads to the appearance of cholesterol plaques on the vessels that prevent normal blood circulation. Blood provides organs, including the human brain, with the amount of oxygen they need, and if this process is disrupted, brain functions are also disrupted, as a result of which its efficiency worsens (especially physical inactivity negatively affects the brain of a child and an elderly person).
  • Providing the body with phosphates and carbohydrates. Here we will only say that, firstly, you need to include in your diet foods rich in phosphorus (pumpkin, wheat germ, poppy seeds, soybeans, sesame, processed cheese, nuts, oats, beans and others), as well as foods high in healthy carbohydrates (rice, corn flakes, bran, pasta, kefir, milk, shrimp, fish and others). By the way, here you can read about proper nutrition. And secondly, you should minimize or completely abandon the use of alcohol, which has a detrimental effect on brain neurons. In addition to harmful alcohol, alcohol contains carbon dioxide, and together with alcohol, it has a very powerful destructive effect on brain cells.
  • Water consumption. We have already written in detail about the benefits of water, but now we just recall that pure water helps the body cleanse itself of toxins and toxins and also contributes to the development of cognitive abilities, maintaining neural communication. To provide yourself with the optimal amount of water, you should drink a litre of water per day, based on 30 kg of your own weight. If you are exposed to excessive stress, then it is advisable to increase the amount of water consumed even more.

By following these three rules, you will create a solid foundation for brain training. And any development system should be based on them – the brain of a child and the brain of an adult person requires special “care” and attention to themselves. And a lot of useful information on the presented topic is contained in thematic books (Roger Sipe, Mark Williams and Danny Penman, Alex Lickerman and other authors).

Development of both hemispheres of the brain

Let’s remember: the left hemisphere processes speech and numerical information, logic, conclusions, analysis, linearity, etc. The right hemisphere provides spatial orientation, colour perception, perception of shapes, sounds, colours, rhythms, dreams, etc. In general, of course, data is perceived by both hemispheres, but each of them prevails in its own area.

Hence the conclusion: by developing someone hemisphere, you can, for example, “train” in the ability to perceive images and become super creative, but at the same time experience serious difficulties with solving arithmetic problems. Or, conversely, you can become a pro in analytics but be unable to see the beauty in the pictures or not be able to compose a banal rhyme of four lines.

Therefore, educational institutions often teach not only major disciplines but also those that are completely unrelated to the speciality. Think of the same mathematicians who study literature, history, and other humanities, or philologists, whose schedule includes technical disciplines. This is another proof that both hemispheres require development. And for this, you can resort to the following exercises:

Exercise 1

For the first exercise, you will need a partner. Let him blindfold your eyes with something. Once this is done, take a short walk around the room or area where you are at the moment. After that, answer the following questions:

  • Have your senses become more active, and if so, how?
  • What has helped you overcome the uncertainty of not being able to see?
  • What sounds did you remember?
  • Was there anything that worried you?
  • Was there anything that calmed you down?

Based on these answers, you will understand how the body reacts when one of the senses is turned off. And the exercise itself will help you activate the additional resources of both hemispheres.

Exercise 2

Through the second exercise, you will learn how to synchronize the work of both hemispheres of your brain. It is done like this:

  • Stand up straight and stretch both arms forward or up;
  • Draw a circle in the air with your left hand and a square with your right;
  • Do the exercise until you succeed, and then change hands.

You can also make this exercise more difficult by drawing more complex shapes in the air with your hands. And based on the idea of ​​the same exercise, there is even a special system for the development of both hemispheres. Its meaning is to do the usual things in non-standard ways. You can, for example, wash dishes, brush your teeth or eat with the other hand, hold the phone to the other ear, carry a bag or backpack on the other shoulder (the word “other” means the left side for right-handers, and the right side for left-handers).

Exercise 3

A banal and simple exercise at first glance, but in reality, it perfectly helps to synchronize the work of the right and left hemispheres. It is performed as follows:

  • Stroke your stomach with your right hand in a clockwise direction;
  • Now with your left hand, lightly tap on the head with vertical movements;
  • After a little practice, perform these movements at the same time.

It is interesting that very often, the hands, as it were, begin to confuse movements themselves: the left hand does what the right hand should do, and the right-hand does what the left hand should do. The exercises are very interesting, and after the first option is mastered, just change hands.

It is very effective to use these three exercises when you want to influence the brain of a child. But they will also be extremely useful for adults – with seeming simplicity, they perfectly train the brain, as a result of which thinking, memory, imagination, etc., improve. But it will be even better if you combine your training with the development of thinking, for example, taking a course in cognitive science.

The exercises of the next two groups can be performed separately and together with each other, as well as in combination with those already considered. This depends on your personal needs and preferences.

Development of the left hemisphere of the brain

Here we will also look at three exercises:

Exercise 1

The meaning is very simple – you just need to perform all the actions and manipulations with the objects of the world around you with your right hand. Although it is natural for right-handers, even for them, it will be extremely unusual, and left-handers will get excellent practice.

Exercise 2

This exercise is not much more difficult than the previous one – for the development of the left hemisphere, devote a little time every day to logic games and solving arithmetic problems.

Exercise 3

Again, a very simple exercise – every day for 30-40 minutes, solve crosswords and scan words. Their unravelling is considered to be mostly analytical rather than intuitive, and hence the left hemisphere is involved in it.

Development of the right hemisphere of the brain

There are four exercises in this group:

Exercise 1

Systematically listen to your favorite music that promotes relaxation and fantasy. This is what the right hemisphere of the brain is responsible for. The more relaxed you feel, the better.

Exercise 2

To develop the right hemisphere, perform all actions and manipulations with the objects of the world around you with your left hand. If in the previous block left-handers experienced inconvenience, then, in this case, right-handers will have to try. By the way, it will be great if you learn to read and write from right to left, for which it is very effective to engage in Arabic writing. At the same time, you will learn a foreign language and train your memory.

Exercise 3

Because the right hemisphere tends to synthesize rather than analyze data, spend time drawing because it is during drawing that abstract thinking develops. Set aside 30 minutes a day for this. In addition, drawing can be replaced or combined with interior or clothing design. An additional advantage of this exercise is the development of intuition.

Exercise 4

Develop empathy in yourself. This means that you need to develop the ability to empathize and perceive the world through the eyes of other people. All the exercises that we have talked about, if performed regularly, will make your mind sharper and more flexible and your brain more trained and capable of serious achievements. The most important thing is not to forget to pay attention to both hemispheres.

And finally, here are some more good tips for brain development:

  • Go in for sports ( do exercises, go to the pool, go jogging, etc.);
  • Communicate with people around you on interesting topics;
  • Provide yourself with good sleep and good conditions for relaxation;
  • Eat right and eat more vitamin foods;
  • Develop stress resistance and positive thinking;
  • Play educational games and chess;
  • Engage in self-education and take courses on the development of thinking (a course on cognitive science is here ).

Such a development system will allow you to always grow as a person, train your intellect and have an active, healthy and strong brain. We wish you success and the opportunity to use your potential to the maximum!

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