Benefits of Morning Walk on Physical and Mental Health

Benefits of Morning Walk

Building a healthy lifestyle is an important task for many people. But unfortunately, not everyone manages to go to the gym or engage in other physical activity. And for such people, there is good news: you can improve and maintain your physical and mental health with just a light morning walk.

Why is Walking so Good for Our Health? 

Many doctors consider walking to be really great medicine, and regular walks reduce the risk of almost all diseases.  Walking is not a physically demanding activity, especially for the heart or joints, but it still has a beneficial effect on health.

Helps Lower Blood Pressure

People suffering from hypertension can significantly lower their blood pressure if they walk just 40 minutes a day.  People who walk for 40 minutes every day without a break manage to lower their blood pressure by 5 mm Hg. Art. Those who divide the walk into four parts lasting 10 minutes each manage to reduce blood pressure by 3 mm Hg. Doctors advise everyone to walk at their usual pace.

Reduces The Risk of Breast Cancer

Just 7 hours of walking per week significantly (by 14%) reduce the risk of breast cancer during menopause. Various studies show a clear relationship between physical inactivity and breast cancer.

Reduces The Risk of Diabetes

It is found that just 3,000-7,500 steps a day significantly reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes. Doctors advise walking after several hours of sitting for the simple reason that walking lowers blood sugar levels. High blood sugar is the cause of type 2 diabetes.

Provides Energy for a Whole Day

During the morning walk, we activate all the systems of our body. The pulse rate increases, we become more alert, and we feel better about ourselves and the world around us. Our mood improves, and we can maintain a positive attitude throughout the day. You quickly move from a sleepy state to wakefulness. Blood circulation improves; your mental activity is activated. The trick is that we need to spend some amount of energy on becoming even more energetic.

Promotes Weight Loss

Walking allows you to burn calories, maintain weight or promote weight loss. Of course, walking does not burn as many calories as, for example, running, but you also do not strain as much. Forcing yourself to go for a walk is a lot easier than pulling you out for a run. If you regularly walk in the morning, you will notice that your weight and body will change over time. Therefore, combine business with pleasure – go out for a walk in the morning.

Improves Cardiac Health

A simple morning walk at a speed of about 5-7 km / h can reduce the chances of heart disease by 40%. When we walk at a more or less intense pace, activity makes our heart work a little harder; as a result, our main organ becomes more resilient. Statistics have also shown that walking reduces the risk of a second heart attack after having a first.

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Gives Social Benefits

You can walk not alone, but invite friends with you. This is a great opportunity to chat. We all share the need to be healthy, so walking is a great way to spend time with friends and family doing activities that benefit everyone. Walk at the same time, gather in a certain place. Remember, this will make you more accountable and less likely to miss your walk.

Walking every day in the morning will result in numerous health benefits. Not only will it improve your physical well-being, but your emotional well-being as well.
Make walking a part of your morning, and you will notice how it affects your physical and mental health, overall well-being, and energy levels.






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