A healthy diet is a key to a long and happy life. If we eat healthy food, we are fine, but if we eat unconsciously and erratically, we get a bunch of sores and problems.

A healthy diet is built individually and gradually. Not only dietitian nutritional recommendations should be taken into account, but also your personal preferences. After all, it is impossible to live in pleasure, every day “choking” on products that you hate even if they are extremely useful.

Healthy Diet: Live and Learn

A healthy diet is not some abstract, speculative theory but a whole system developed by scientists. Nutritionists agree that every day a person needs an optimal proportion of proteins, fats and carbohydrates, fiber, minerals … Fruits and vegetables are the basis of proper nutrition. They are low in calories and rich in vitamins, antioxidants and fiber. The brighter the vegetables and fruits, the better, since the color saturation indicates a high concentration of beneficial substances.

Sweet vegetables (sweet potatoes, corn, pumpkin, beets, carrots) are not only useful in themselves, but they also replace ordinary sweets, a weakness for which we, women, so often feel.

Fruits are all good. Almost all of them are loaded with vitamin C, which is so healthy!

Whole-grain foods are full of fiber, enzymes, and carbohydrates. And also, whole grains improve the work of the heart.

You will find essential fats in vegetable oils (peanut, olive), as well as in avocados and nuts. Omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids are found in oily fish such as salmon, mackerel, herring, and sardines.

Soy products, beans and nuts – one protein! But protein is the basis of life. The meat also contains protein, but when choosing meat, you need to be careful and give preference to poultry meat, as it is less fatty and high-calorie.

Calcium is important for strengthening bones, and, as we know from childhood, it is found mainly in dairy products.

Healthy Diet: Watch What You Eat!

You cannot do without prohibitions and restrictions here as well. Avoid saturated and trans fats, which are found in animal products, red meat, and whole milk. As a reasonable person, you should understand that all kinds of crackers, cookies, snacks, baked goods are certainly delicious, but it is difficult to call them useful. And that means – down with!

Frozen lunches and canned foods are oversaturated with sodium, and this is not suitable for those who take care of themselves. Also, avoid sugary carbonated drinks (as the sugar content is several times higher than necessary); it is better to drink juice or soda with lemon.

Choose foods with low salt content; you will have to give up chips, salted fish.

Alcohol. Not only is it high-calorie, but sometimes it requires snacks. Yes, the French say that drinking a glass of wine with cheese every day is not something that is not harmful, but even healthy. But do not forget that measure is important in everything.

A healthy diet presupposes a good mood, so the best advice is to be less nervous! Be happy and healthy!

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