8 Effective Ways to Boost Metabolism

Effective Ways to Boost Metabolism

Today, most people associate metabolism with how quickly they burn calories and lose weight. This approach is too simplistic. Metabolism is the use of energy for life itself. There are three main ways in which the body uses energy from food: rest, movement, and eating. Metabolism helps in regulating body temperature, cell formation, heartbeat, blood circulation, breathing, etc.

What is Metabolism?

Metabolism is the turnover of energy necessary for the exchange processes between the chemical composition of a living organism and the environment. Metabolism is present in all living organisms, including plants. Scientists have found that the fastest metabolism is in the hummingbird and the slowest in the sloth.

Effective Ways to Boost Metabolism

To normalize metabolism, it is important to follow some rules.

  1. Go for sports

Physical activity allows you to tighten muscles, improve their quality and favourably affect mitochondria, which are responsible for metabolism (let me remind you that mitochondria are energy stations that are located inside the cells of most living organisms).

  1. Eat a balanced diet

Eat a large number of vegetables during the day, the norm of protein, coarse fibre, fruits, and cereals (but in moderation). You can pay attention to algae, as they saturate the body with iodine. From iodine, thyroid hormone is formed, which in turn enhances metabolism.

  1. Follow circadian sleep rhythms

If we do not rest at night or go to sleep, disrupting our circadian rhythms, this negatively affects the work of mitochondria. In those who lack sleep, the number of copies of mitochondrial DNA in their blood cells is significantly reduced.

  1. Avoid overloading your body

Do not overload the body with food in the evening. Again, this directly affects the quality of sleep. A lack of sleep, as you know, causes negative changes in the human body at the cellular level.

  1. Be careful with stimulators of metabolism

Additives such as coffee, green tea, cinnamon, vinegar, and ginger are metabolism boosters. But don’t expect too much from their use. By speeding up metabolism, most of these products remove fluid from the body or stimulate the release of enzymes, enhancing digestion and appetite. Therefore, we cannot conclude that there are products that increase metabolism and give excellent results.

  1. Eliminate strict diets

Low-calorie long-term diets are huge stress for the body. In the beginning, such a diet can provoke metabolism, but then, introducing the body to stress turns on the stress compensation system, that is, excess fat deposition. If you are starving for the first time and this gives a tangible result, then the next time, you will lose much less, and after another 3-4 attempts, you will stop losing weight altogether. And when you start eating not even fully, but in an average amount, you will gain weight even more. Therefore, it is important to exclude strict, rigid diets and starvation.

  1. Drink enough water and stay hydrated

For our body, it is important in which environment biochemical reactions take place: in a liquid, mobile, healthy environment or in a gel-like toxic environment in which all processes slow down.

  1. Don’t Forget Physiotherapy

In addition to physical activity, proper nutrition, healthy sleep, and physiotherapy can accelerate metabolism. A massage, lymphatic drainage procedure, cry saunas, infrared saunas, and wraps all work as a detox system and are the start of metabolism.

How does Metabolism help to lose weight?

Metabolic disorders often cause excess weight. Accelerated splitting is good for weight loss but becomes an obstacle to muscle building. Therefore, athletes are advised to slow down their metabolism, and those who want to lose weight, on the contrary, need to speed it up. This helps:

  • warm-up before the first meal;
  • intense aerobic exercise during the day;
  • drinking large amounts of water;
  • adding spices to food;
  • drinking green tea;
  • relaxing activities to reduce stress


Sometimes, in order to restore the form, it is enough to correct the metabolic processes. This will help you lose weight without destroying healthy diets and loads at the limit of strength. However, this will work in relation to a healthy person.

Are there any drugs that speed up metabolism?

We note right away: you should not try to establish a metabolism by medication without the help of an endocrinologist. All drugs are related to hormones in one way or another. Uncontrolled reception can upset the balance.

By prescribing drugs that improve metabolism, the doctor seeks to cure the disease that slowed it down (hypothyroidism, calcium deficiency, iodine deficiency, and others). There is also a group of drugs that stimulate metabolic processes metabolically:

  • Anabolic: stimulate protein synthesis;
  • Hypoglycaemic agents – promote the breakdown of glucose;
  • Lipid-lowering drugs – regulate the level of cholesterol and phospholipids.


Enzymes and anti enzymes can also be included in this group. Their intake compensates for the deficiency or reduces the increased concentration of catalysts necessary for the course of metabolic processes.

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