15 Principles Of A Healthy Lifestyle

A healthy lifestyle is like a fire extinguisher on the wall – everyone knows how necessary it is, but they remember it only in case of emergency. Meanwhile, today a healthy lifestyle is in vogue, and adherence to the principles of a healthy lifestyle is the pride of strong-willed and purposeful people. So, if you do not go to extremes, this approach will not turn your life into hellish torment but will help to streamline it. Let’s remember the basic principles of a healthy lifestyle.

Daily Regime

We are not the heroes of the film Groundhog Day, so our every day is different from the previous one. Nevertheless, it is important to develop and observe the daily routine. Come to think of it, we regularly perform the same set of activities: sleep, eat, work, rest, and so on endlessly. If you organize all these activities and draw up a plan, you can effectively use your own time, doing much more. This does not mean that your life should be scheduled by the minute, but a predictable regime will help you avoid unnecessary force majeure and your body – unnecessary stress.

Adequate healthy sleep

No matter what they say, you need to start leading a healthy lifestyle not on Monday but in the evening when you go to bed. Only then will you ensure your well-being, and you will have the strength to move on to the next points on our list. It is believed that an adult needs to sleep about 7 hours a day, and it is advisable to go to bed every day at about the same time and before midnight. For sleeping, it is better to choose a bed that is not too hard but not too soft, and the room should be ventilated in advance.

Managing emotions

For a person, it is very important not only what he does but also what he feels. We can all find ourselves in difficult situations, but stress only worsens our well-being and does not help solve problems. Psychologists advise not to fall into despair but to remember that we ourselves are in control of our lives. Failure should be seen as an experience from which there are useful lessons. Negative emotions can not only lower your self-esteem and trust in others but also cause real diseases that doctors will have to treat.

Active Morning Exercises

We emphasize that throwing between the bedroom, bathroom, and the kitchen does not apply to charging. Excuses about the lack of time will not work either. An extra 15 minutes can be carved out even from the most rigid schedule. Proper exercise will prepare the whole body for the working day. You will stop feeling lethargic, tired and drowsy, and your mood will noticeably improve. The hardest thing is to overcome your own laziness and turn exercise from a challenge into a habit. The complex of morning exercises can be composed independently, but it is better to include exercises for flexibility and proper breathing there.

Intellectual development

“Think with your head!” – this advice is relevant for everyone, including adherents of a healthy lifestyle. It is important for a person to develop and maintain not only their physical but also mental abilities. A clear head will help you in difficult life situations and also reduce the likelihood of some diseases associated with a decrease in mental activity. You can train your brain through reading, logic games, puzzles. It is also helpful to play chess or solve math problems. There are many options, not to mention all kinds of online simulators.

System food

We will not talk about “good nutrition”, as the term itself is a subject of debate, but snacks on the run and night raids on the refrigerator are definitely not good for anyone. Develop a suitable diet for yourself, which will include at least 3-4 meals at about the same time. Try not to eat later than 2 hours before bedtime. Your diet should be varied and balanced. Take your time and do not try to combine food with other activities; train yourself to eat for 20-30 minutes, and not try to swallow a full meal by scrolling through the to-do list on your smartphone.

Favorite Work

There are many motivating and inspiring stories about how a person suddenly changes his life: he quits his job, leaves for the other end of the world and becomes completely happy. Not everyone is ready for such actions, and radical solutions to problems are not always the best. But you’ll hardly disagree that hateful work is emotionally draining. A person feels out of place, is unhappy, gets tired quickly and slowly turns into a robot with a limited lifetime and eternal dreams of a vacation. If you recognize yourself, then you need to change something.

Weight Control

Being overweight, like unhealthy thinness, negatively affects the general condition of the body. Excess weight creates additional stress on the internal organs and the musculoskeletal system, which can cause serious illness. But this does not mean that you need to ruthlessly torment yourself with diets, all the more so – choose them yourself. The reasons for excess weight can be different, which means that the “treatment” should be individual. Before you check on the effectiveness of the next fashionable diet, go to a consultation with a nutritionist.

Rejection of bad habits

This is advice that is easier to give than to follow. However, bad habits do not go well with a healthy lifestyle. Every schoolchild knows the “standard set” of bad addictions: smoking, alcohol and drugs. But in fact, there are much more of them, and the same nighttime snacks or hours of sitting at the computer can also be attributed to bad habits. Try to look at your lifestyle from the outside and understand what practices you need to get rid of. This will be the first step towards a healthy lifestyle.

Personal hygiene

We are taught from an early age to wash our hands before eating, brush our teeth at least twice a day, and observe other rules of personal hygiene. Nevertheless, some of them are worth reminding ourselves. A pack of antibacterial wipes or gel in a bag will not hurt anyone. Ideally, it would be nice to add deodorant, comb, mouthwash and other things to the “travel kit” that will help avoid unpleasant situations. Neglect of the rules of personal hygiene can cause illness and cause misunderstanding of others.

Harmonious relationships with others

As you know, a person is a social being; therefore, even if you consider yourself a chronic introvert, you periodically have to “go out into the world” where you need to interact with other people. Communication mustn’t be unpleasant for you. If possible, try to build harmonious relationships with others, exclude random people from your close circle and do not try to fight yourself, trying to please everyone and everyone – this is an unattainable ideal.

Exercise stress

They say that muscles can be pumped up with the power of thought, but it is better to use traditional methods. We do not urge you to drop everything and rush to the gym, and we remind you once again that life is in motion. If you don’t have a specific goal to develop a particular skill, try to make sport your hobby. Choose the sport that you enjoy and enjoy. The easiest way to keep yourself in good shape is to run in the morning. They do not require special equipment, special training and are suitable for people of any age.

Emotional release

Routine delays and can undermine the body no less stress, so we need new impressions, vivid emotions and the possibility of emotional release. Vacation, socializing, or a hobby can be the best way to recuperate. But suppose we have a vacation only a few times a year. In that case, it is better to engage in your hobby regularly and not resort to it as a last resort, and then your emotional release will not resemble an emotional outburst.


Once upon a time, hardening was very popular in our country. Everyone, young and old, was poured with cold water. Then the fashion for hardening faded away, but today it is gradually returning. Hardening the body makes it more resilient and promotes rejuvenation, but you need to train constantly. Patience is important here. You should not test yourself for strength, and the procedure time should be increased gradually so that the body can adapt and rebuild. It is also good to use contrast treatments.

Personal Opinion

Everyone has the right to their own opinion, which may be contrary to the majority’s opinion. It is important to learn and express your views and judgments. You may not always be able to emerge victorious in a dispute, but you will know for sure that your idea was heard and taken into account. Feeling your worth is very important. This, among other things, strengthens self-esteem. We do not urge you to become an inveterate debater, but one can hardly talk about the harmonious development of the personality of a person who is not used to expressing himself or even having his own opinion.

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