10 Best Islands for Honeymoon Destination to Spend Luxurious Time.

10 best islands for honeymoon Where and how to spend a honeymoon for newlyweds. Paradise islands for a romantic getaway for two. America, Asia or Africa … it seems like such romantic, secluded and vibrant honeymoon islands are scattered all over the world map. Let’s find out about the best of them!

Belize, Central America

A strip of sandy beach, quite enough to bury a chest with pirate treasures, several hundred coconut trees, a couple of huts – not so little for such a beautiful place as Tobacco Reef, which is part of Belize. All the most important is hidden in the azure waters of the Caribbean Sea, shimmering in the sun.

So it is worth at least grabbing snorkeling equipment. Walking along the coast of this atoll will take just a few minutes, but the magnificent barrier coral reef, which is a local attraction, extends far beyond sight as it is part of the world’s second-largest barrier reef. If the rest in paradise gets bored, then you can get out to the neighboring Goff Reef, which is even smaller.

Kuna Yala, Panama

The Kuna Yala Archipelago, also known as San Blas, is located in the Caribbean Sea off the coast of Panama. This semi-autonomous area is inhabited by the Kuna Aborigines. The islands that make up the archipelago are often little more than a small palm grove on a small piece of white sand. Some of the islands are inhabited. Then this modest natural wealth coexists peacefully with the shacks of the aborigines. A beach holiday here can be diversified by getting to know the local villages, where women are still dressed in sophisticated traditional costumes. It is best to ask permission before taking a photo. Also, vacationers can feel like Robinsons Crusoe by visiting any of the uninhabited islands.

Ilha Grande, Brazil

Even representatives of the royal family are not allowed to ride a car in these territories. Transport is not allowed in the rain forest Brazilian Ilya Grande. This tropical island is designed for a calm and simple life. Evenings can be spent enjoying freshly caught fish by candlelight in one of the beachfront restaurants. During the day, one of the entertainment can be an almost three-hour walk to the picturesque beach of Lopez Mendes, which has preserved almost pristine natural purity.

Ko Tarutao, Thailand

The word “Tarutao” comes from the Malay language and, in translation, means mystical or simple. Ko Tarutao is an island in the Andaman Sea surrounded by gorgeous beaches. The rain forests in the depths are inhabited by poisonous snakes and other wild beasts. Once upon a time, thousands of political prisoners lived here, forced to become pirates during the Second World War in order to survive. The remains of the prison have survived to this day.

Tarutao is a well-protected national park. You won’t find tourist crowds and luxury hotels here. It is a great place for a rustic holiday. Bungalows can be booked not everywhere but only in the three zones reserved for guests of the island. Each has its own restaurant serving simple Thai food.

Heron Island, Australia

Many tropical islands boast beautiful, azure ocean waters, white sand and palm trees swaying in the wind, but most of them seem to have come off a postcard and have lost their lives forever. Heron Island is different. It is located at the southern tip of the Great Barrier Reef and is significantly removed from Australian Queensland. It has all the characteristics of a tropical paradise, with one exception – there is still wildlife here. Herons, terns, small-billed petrels, whales, sharks, turtles and other fauna are the main inhabitants of the island. Their lives pass before the eyes of anyone who visits the island.

The number of tourists is limited and tightly controlled: the surrounding nature is extremely sensitive to any changes. So the small island, 800 meters long and 300 meters wide is never crowded. Guests stay in wooden beach bungalows. There is only one restaurant on the territory of Girona, but there are excellent opportunities for diving and snorkelling.

Ko Sichang, Thailand

A short trip from Bangkok – and you are already enjoying your vacation on the unique Ko Sichang. Historical sights in the form of Thai temples and the ruins of the palace of King Rama V, a couple of good beaches, picturesque cliffs and a huge number of monkeys are the first things anyone who visits the island should get to know. Delicious attractions include the famous seafood dishes. In addition, Xichang is a stopping place for local traders, whose numerous boats dock in the coastal area. The proximity to Bangkok is an added bonus. Those wishing to get acquainted with the national flavour of the Thai capital can easily get to it.

Saint John, US Virgin Islands

Saint John is a small and remote island offering small rooms in five-star hotels. Narrow and rather dangerous roads make most of the coast of the island inaccessible to potential hotel owners. But for the campsites located on the territory of the bays that cut the coast, here is a real paradise. In the midst of summer, from Maho Bay to the places adjacent to the national park, numerous campers are set up.

Boracay (Philippines), Sao Tome and Principe (Africa) and Bazaruto Island (Mozambique)

These three vacation spots are also among the top ten. Boracay is a tropical island 315 km south of Manila, with views that seem to have come off the pages of a tourist prospect: white sand, palm trees and azure water.

Sao Tome and Principe is a former cocoa plantation now transformed into a superb resort, with stunning nature, mountains and soft pink colonial-style houses.

Bazaruto Island in Mozambique is another corner of a tropical paradise, combining numerous opportunities for a comfortable stay and the isolation from the outside world so much needed for newlyweds.

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